Website, software, and application localisation services

Localisation goes beyond the conventional framework of translation. It involves adapting the content of your website, software, or application to the cultural specificities or a given geographical area.

This can include elements, such as currencies, measurement units, time zone, date format, postal addresses, or other parameters. Some visual elements, such as colours, can also be essential. Eurotraduction thoroughly analyses each project with multicultural teams before they take them over.

Localisation experts

We handle all your localisation requests from start to finish (bespoke), whether it is for a website, software, or application, and regardless of file type (HTML, PHP, XML, etc.). We extract or isolate the content to be localised and then reintegrate it back into the original file without changing the encoding. We also ensure that localised software meets all international functionality requirements. Eurotraduction can also provide DTP services to restore document layout.