Document proofreading and review

Professional proofreaders at your service

The proofreader issues a linguistic and/or technical validation and makes the necessary corrections while ensuring there are no major problems according to the list below:

  • The target text delivered is complete (no omissions or additions are allowed).
  • The target text is a faithful, accurate, and consistent translation of the source text.
  • References to previously published documents have been checked and cited correctly.
  • The terminology and vocabulary used are consistent throughout the text and correspond to the reference documents.
  • Sufficient attention has been paid to the clarity and style of the target text.
  • The target text is free from syntax, spelling, punctuation, typographical, and grammatical errors.
  • The original document's format has been respected (including, where applicable, codes and tags).
  • The positioning of the translated text corresponds to the pre-existing document.
  • Any special instructions that might have been given by the customer have been followed.

The role of the proofreader/expert is to carry out a specialised uni-lingual proofreading operation to assess the adequacy of the translation with the agreed purpose and recommend corrections.

Note: Proofreading/appraisal can involve an assessment of compliance with industry standards.

Pre-delivery quality control

The project manager ensures that the service meets customer requirements, namely:

  • The corrections requested have been included.
  • The layout is correct (headers, footers, indexes, tables of contents, graphics, etc.).
  • Outstanding issues and questions have been resolved.
  • The files are complete and virus-free.