Multimedia services

Transcription, subtitling, voiceover


Before an audio or video file is translated or subtitled, we can transcribe it. Transcription is the act of writing down what is said in the file. Eurotraduction can transcribe conferences, seminars, and speeches, and, to guarantee their accuracy, our transcriptions are systematically assigned to native language translators specialised in the required field. We support all video file formats. We can also send specialised translators on-site for a meeting or conference during which they take notes and then write up a report or a summary.


Subtitling is the written translation of the content of a video or film. The written text is subsequently embedded in the video and scrolls along with the audio content. The subtitler must transcribe the meaning and tone of what is expressed orally as faithfully as possible in writing, while optimising viewer comfort. Eurotraduction uses specialised subtitling teams and manages all file formats. We provide a bespoke service.


Voiceover refers to narration that is not part of the visual content. The translation and integration of voiceovers also requires a transcription stage. Eurotraduction provides high quality transcription, subtitling, voiceover, and dubbing services.